About Me

Fatma Fadel Waly

Hi people, My name’s Fatma. I’m a veterinarian.

Graduated at 2017 from veterinary medicine, Cairo University.

I love my field so much. try to do something new and useful!

I completed Maker Diploma (Aug R’17), have the passion to learn more, So I participate in Advanced Maker Diploma provided by san3a_academy and American center. very happy for this.



Automated Poultry house management

  • With the growth of poultry industry, it becomes so difficult to monitor poultry health and production.

  • From here the idea grows.

  • Build an automated poultry house in which I can make the best environment condition to poultry and control it by just a mobile phone!

  • Now I can track poultry growth and their consumption to clean water and good food, preventing diseases became more easy.

  • All this for your safety to let you eat safe food

  • All This for YOU.

"The miracle is this: The more we share, the more we have"

Leonard Nimoy

"Our success is series of failure, ruin, damage and mistakes, But Never Stop trying we'll reach!"

El Waly