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Mahmoud Atef Abo Elnaga

A young and passionate maker, 25 years old. Received BSc degree in Production Engineering and Mechanical Design from Menoufia University. Completed six engineering internships in different companies and factories with various industries. Obtained three scholarships in career development, innovation and management. Achieved the 3rd place in the Micro Mouse Robots’ Competition at Menoufia University. I love Making, DIYing and Digital Fabrication so I attended many courses and workshops to enhance my skills and experience. Also, I have participated in organizing Maker Fair Cairo 2018 and now, I work at Fab Lab Egypt, the technical arm of San3a Tech Company, as a Fab Lab Specialist.

I really lucky to join the Advanced Maker Diploma and being one of the Maker Community after three times of failure to join the Mini Maker one. I have joined this interesting program to expand my knowledge and skills, get out of the comfort zone, try new issues and meet new and interesting people from the make community.

In this website, I will try as much as possible to tell you in details all about myself and my twelve weeks journey in the Advanced Maker Diploma Round 3. The website will be divided in two sections as follows

  • Modules section, where you will find all the steps I carried to plan and implement the required assignments.
  • Final Project section, where I will document everything about my final project.

Shall you have any inquiries or comments please feel free to contact me via…


Modular CNC Machine

Almost all CNC machines have single function per machine, despite they may have the same design. In addition the commercial solutions for a universal CNC machine are relatively expensive. In this project I will design and build an inexpensive CNC machine** that could have many different attachments, all while controlled through a simple interface of G-code. The machine can perform milling and laser engraving operations.