It's me, Nada :)

Architect designer who loves architecture a lot, but there are a lot of fields that inspire me which made me decided to join this amazing program! I am interested in Parametric Design, Digital Fabrication, Art, Electronics and New Media!

This is my second time to join this amazing program. I passed the Maker Diploma in November/December 2017. Then I joined the Advanced Maker Diploma almost a year later! This is my website on Maker Diploma if you want to take a look!
Nada Mahmoud

We decided to document everything, every failure, every discovery to share the knowledge with everyone. So definitely you will find some issues basics for you or not interested, to the new. So my advice here is trying to detect the specific issue you want.

This site will be updated continuously, So feel free to contact me and leave your comments!


My Awesome Project!