About Me

Sherif Mohamed Mokhtar El Ganady

Hello, this is Sherif, Mechanical Engineer, love engineering and innovation, very lucky to pass Maker Diploma and now pursuing the Advanced level. Academically I received BSc and MSc in Automotive Engineering from Helwan University - Mataria Branch. Professionally I am now working as Plant and Piping Design Group Leader in PGESCo.
This website is built to document some of the many learnt subjects and report different assignments performed in the Advanced Maker Diploma in a tutorial steps that can be easily replicated by any maker. In addition, graduation project is demonstrated step by step that can be also DIY. Shall you need any basic support you may refer to the Maker Diploma archive.
Shall you have any inquiries or comments please feel free to contact me via..


About Project - Hologram Device

Problem Overview:

Current communications are limited to 2D surface devices! texting, voice or video calls are all performed on 2D planar surface of a PC, cellular phone or tablets! People need better, more realistic, visualized and interactive ways of communications. I thought of using Hologram reflections of multi-view captured scenes and reflect it on a hologram media to be used in communications, products presentations or education. This project is considered part of the future work presented in my Maker Diploma graduation project.


To Develop a simple product with a cheap price and simple installation Hologram capturing and generating device

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