Hello! I am Mohamed

A student at the engineering field.I have a great interest in electronics.I seek to do my own projects from A to Z and have qualifications to do that.



i seek to know more about modern technologies.i intend to need this knowledge to create useful things.I was good in my secondary school and I got high mark in my last yaer.I liked the engineering field so i joined the faculty of engineering and got a good mark in my first year.I believe that I should not take the information my instructors only but i search for more information to understand what i study..

all my life is a challenge. i fight to be the best in what i do between my classmates so i work hard to achieve that.I believe that there is no excuse for me to just say i can not do it because many people did impossible in more difficult situations.So we sould fight to achieve what we want.


My final project is making a small car to represent smart transportation .the car is controlled by a mobile app which makes the connection with the car by bluetooth.

this app ,I arranged it by two tasks.

the first task to get the car on the position of the passenger and this task has four options according to the different positions of the passenger.

the second task to determine the passenger destination.

And there is more informations about the project on the final project section.