Nada ‚úč :)

I'm an Architect Designer. I have graduated from Engineering School, Fayoum University Class of 2014. I have worked as teaching assistant for one semester then I worked at Space Consultants in the technical office team. Our main purpose as architects is to coordinate between all the disciplinesof the project such as Mechanical, Electrical, Plumping and Structure.
I really love to learn new things and gain new skills at different fields. I joined many events and activities and love it!
Nowadays I discovered my love to learn more about Electronics and Robotics, and who to link between them and Architecture.
So I'd love to share with you what I have learned at maker diploma!
Feel free to contact with me any time.




Email : nm1217@fayoum.edu.eg


Actually, I love nature in general. I was so inspired by the physical movement of animals, birds and insects. So After my research, I chose to make a Butterfly! And make a simulation for her movement.
It didn't fly and this is disappointment, I know. But I learned a lot through the process even though I didn't completely reach my target.
It'll be artistic feature, fixed at tree and moving its wings that including RGB LEDs that make different patterns according to sounds!

So let me Share with you my Project!