Hi! I'm Sherif

Plant Design Group Leader, I love CAD, Piping and Innovation!

I have been working in the Mechanical Engineering field, specifically in the Plant Design and Piping Engineering Since 2005 with more than 12 years of experience. I contributed in engineering activities in number of large projects inside Egypt and abroad, activities include preliminary FEED design, detailed design, support procurement and construction management activities. Projects in Oil and Gas, Alternative Fuels fields and mostly in Power Plants Engineering. I proficiently use CAD tools like Autodesk AutoCAD, Bently Microstation, 3DM, and Intergraph family of Products including Smart3D and SmartPlant Review.

Academically, I received Master of Science in Engineering from Helwan University in 2009 in Engineering after finishing my BSc in the same field in 2004.

For the Past four years, I led my current employer (PGESCo) to participate and win in the Golden Valve and Platinum Pipe Awards. I am working on enhancing the interface between the engineers and computers project.

Please visit my LinkedIn profile below for more details.


About My Project, HoloPhone

I am currently working on intergrating Hologram with VR in the field of telecommunications. I had developed a device to present 3D model designs using Hologram reflections.

My plan is to implement this technology into mobile phones, so that it enables users to perform Hologram Video Calls throuth their mobile phones using an easy-attached Hologram Projector.

Briefly speeking, the device body and Hologram Pyramid display will be laser cut originally, the hologram pyramid base will be 3D printer, an electronic circuit shall be developed to automatically star the Hologram Projector when user selects the Hologram mode in Phone call.

VR can be used in phone calls for privacy and interaction through video conferences. Read more details about my Final Project here