Hi! I'm Abd Elrahman Elsayed

ICT teacher and supervisior, skilled Programming, and database. I worked as a Trainer, Application support (As a Team leader) for Management Information System Centre. I have 3 years experiences in sales and marketing, 1 year as a solder in Egyptian army, 5 years in training and application support and 3 years in teaching Technology and supervision. Finally i love sweets, and if you need to make me happy give me a chocolate.

Tel: 01223872290

E-mail: abdelrahman.go@gmail.com





I love programming, and i'm interested to teach programming for kids. I started to learn them about programming on some open source program and web site, like Scratch, Code.org.

But i need to make it more attractive for kids so i decide to learn how to make a small robot. it can follow orders by reading code steps start with event, and do the actions about orders. The kids can create their maze or puzzle what ever, and make the robot get the target.