Hello, I am Lina!

I am a biology and chemistry teacher. As I am always encouraging my students to get out of their comfort zones and be adventurous to try new things, I decided to listen to my own advice and to jump out of my very comfort zone to the makers diploma, where I am sure I will learn to be more confident, to change my mindset, and to know that there is a thinker and a maker inside each one of us.

About My Final Project

For all those, like me, who struggle getting up every morning... For all those, like all of us who feel happiness and vividness only by the lovely smell of coffee, I thought of a new alarm clock, that wakes you up and sprays coffee smell. I read an article about a company that sprays coffee smell every few hours so that the smell alerts the employees, and they statistically analyzed their working progress with and without the coffee smell and it turned out that they were much more productive on the days that the smell was sprayed. This is from where I got my idea, and I hope I can make it possible.