Hi, I’m Tarek

M.D, Emergency and general care, independent medical researcher with tendency for neurology, psychology and neuroscience. Avid reader for physics and crafting using my own hands, now, another frontier want to experience. For some time have learned R language and a beginner with C programming to get better use of statistics and interfacing with Adruino respectively. Studying data analysis using SQL and have incentives to understand human brain with regard to thought process, decision making, memory and motor control where biology, computer science, engineering and philosophy conjoined to form interdisciplinary neuroscience. Bridging this interface between biology and electronics is the new era where imitation of brain functions invaded every aspect of our life, now the reverse is happening in a matter of understanding, treating and finding solutions for our brain input and output dynamics. My special interest in that field lies within the human-computer interfaces, robotics, deep learning and sharing in the process for creating affordable, available and data-open tools to gain wider and better understanding for the human brain in a scientific method not limited to the inner academic walls.


My project, Reciprocal Forearm prosthesis (R.F.P)

My pilot is to fabricate 3D printed below elbow joint prosthesis with a signal acquisition from myoelectric sensor conjoined with accelerometer, gyroscope then reinforced with mimicking sensory feedback through touch, temperature and force sensors distributed on the hand of the prosthesis then analyzed with microcontroller “ Adruino Uno” with an existing online models and tweaking the parameters through trial and error to produce certain primary functions with hand and wrist joint bounded by realm of affordability and functionality for people living in places like Egypt either amputee or having problems with the motor functions of upper limbs.

The target is first to get the handle of the fabrication process, programming interfaces skills, and problems facing the design within the scope of cost, availability of items and necessary skills to reach a considerable prototype and advance on my own future projects. The description and details of my search, steps well be added soon. Read more details of my project here